March 13, 2011

It's Always Nice in Menlo Park . . .

We went down for a restorative day of weeding (as you can see, below left, some sourgrass got to stay), mowing, and visiting at my sister's house in Menlo Park. When a chill came up after sundown, we lit a little bonfire and enjoyed grilled fish, veggies, wine, fruit and ice cream on the patio.

Today it pours in Napa, further strengthening my delusion that it is always nice in Menlo Park.


  1. We worked in the garden all day too, but it wasn't quite as pretty a day as yours.

    xo jane

  2. Hurray for garden work days! I'm sure yours was every bit as beautiful as ours; selective focus does wonders for a work in progress : ).

  3. JSB, um, yes? You're just NOW realizing this?? Get out here!!