February 6, 2011

Why do I want to eat you so?

Sometimes flowers look so good I am overcome with a desire to take a nibble. Usually I can feebly justify this from an evolved human behavior  perspective, but when those flowers are poisonous (as I believe these narcissus are), it really makes me begin to question whether the processes of natural selection are still alive and well in modern human populations. If science  does not have an answer, I will blame Willy Wonka's daffodil teacups (featured at 3:30 minutes).


  1. beautiful. I cannot never get my stems to swirl. how do you do that?

    xo jane

  2. ...tentatively hopeful for a stem-swirling how-to? Gorgeous narcissi, please resist all nibbling urges!! x

  3. Hi Jane and Belinda! Stem-swirling can be finicky, right? But it's such a satisfying detail, and one of my favorites! I'll see what kind of little how-to I can muster up. ; )