February 10, 2011

Fine you can stay

 We'd been toying with the idea of pulling the wild plum out all winter; it never seems to do much except cast shade over our one somewhat sunny location out front. But as if it knew what we were up to, that plum's gone and put on a more flowery show than ever before in its life. It looked especially pretty the other evening reflected on our makeshift cold frames (radishes are up!). Guess you stay for now, tree.


  1. I like your plum tree right enough, but I really love your makeshift coldframe!

  2. Thanks, Belinda! We've had the windows laying around for a while- I think there were plans for a more elaborate greenhouse / cold frame structure set-up. But it turns out they were the perfect width to cover our raised beds all along. Providential! ; )

  3. I was just telling another blogger ( sarah@ my yellow house) that's what we did with a hydrangea plant last year. Threatened to take it out and for the first time in it's 7 years living here it bloomed like a mad man.

    Plants, good hearing.

    xo jane

  4. I'd like to see this tested à la plants-in-a-greenhouse-with-classical-music . . . I think we might be on to something.