December 15, 2012

Local Carnation Love

Following a brief fall hiatus, I'm back at the local carnations, big time. Here they are in four recent arrangements, along with manzanita, narcissus, and rosemary from Napa, kumquats from Tracy, ammi visnaga and callas from Half Moon Bay, ranunculus from Yerba Linda, and stock, oncidiums, snapdragons, and lisianthus from Watsonville.

Here's number 1, celebrating a 19 year anniversary . . .

Here's number 2, an expression of sympathy . . .

Here's number 3, a sample of the Oxbow Flower Subscription arrangements . . .

And here's number 4, for a bedside table . . .


  1. Not to sound morbid, but the last scent I want to smell on this earth is carnation.
    You're so lucky to have a local grower.

  2. Beautiful! I love carnations too, so nice that you can get them local. Carnations done right like you have shown here are so pretty.

  3. Yes, I'm spoiled! Alas, though, the local ones are few and far between these days (hence my binging) and they don't have the scent my last grower's did. I'm hoping it's just a seasonal void, and crossing my fingers for next year and more growers and more variety. : )