December 24, 2012

A Summer Ranch Wedding


I'm writing this post from frosty, cozy St. Paul, where we're visiting family for Christmas. Looking back on the photos from this year's weddings I can almost smell the florals of summer.  It's not an unwelcome addition to pine and cinnamon, so I think I'm going to share a few, despite the seasonal incongruence.

I'll start with C&L, who are two amazingly energetic and talented people who really know how to celebrate. Some of my most fun and satisfying work has been done at their gracious, bustling, and joyful home, so it was an especially great honor and pleasure to design the the flowers for their wedding in August. C's bouquet included as many fragrant blooms as I could fit, including tuberose and jasmine from Napa and garden roses from Petaluma. L's boutonniere included acorns, oak leaf, and lichen from their ranch.

Vive les marriés!


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