July 9, 2012

Time Warp, Part 2 of 17: Sunrae's Blooms and Bikes (4/28/12)

I'm a huge fan of stock- it's fragrant, trustworthy, romantic, and versatile. So I was especially happy to learn that Janet of Sunrae's Blooms over in Santa Rosa was growing it! Way back in April, when most stock was coming up from Southern California, Janet had a beautiful crop of crisp, flawless stems that just made these arrangements for Napa County Bike Coalition's first annual Bike Fest. Here they are with roses and viburnum from Petaluma, allium, lamium, and dogwood from Napa, freesia from Pacifica, and bulbs from Arcata.


  1. It's great to see you posting your gorgeous flowers again....
    Love the old fashioned look and spicy clove fragrance of stock - but it can produce some of the stinkiest container water ever, if you don't freshen it regularly!

  2. Thanks guys! It's good to know you're still our there!

    MCWC- Don't think I've seen you around before- thank you for visiting! ! I love the recent garden photos on your blog. Wowza.

    RK- So true about the stock water! But it's kind of a good incentive for folks to change water as often as we'd like, right? :)