July 30, 2012

Time Warp, 5 of 17: A Jazzy Minnesota Wedding (5/19/12)

I had the honor of designing flowers for the wedding of Ben's cousin in Minnesota this May. It was a very warm spring and a lot of the garden flowers I'd counted on were finished.  So Len Busch Roses, located just outside the Twin Cities, provided the bulk of my locally grown materials. Their production continues all year in their impressive greenhouses, and includes roses, freesia, lilies, snapdragons, and many houseplants (shown here).

Supplement that with some gorgeous lily of the valley from the groom's parents in Duluth (the upside of a slow start to spring up North!), and some late Japanese lilac from Ben's mother's generous and helpful hair stylist, and you have yourself some pretty little arrangements.

I was also thrilled to find some beautiful, simple silk ribbon (which I'd forgotten to pack) at Treadle Yard Goods. Their selection of natural fiber ribbons, trims, and fabrics is outstanding, and their staff wonderful. With every visit, my love for the Twin Cities and all they have to offer continues to grow.


L&N's celebration felt intimate and totally genuine, and (naturally, for this music and art loving couple) included jazz performances throughout the ceremony and reception. As a guest, traveler, and florist, I didn't get any decent photographs, so I am especially grateful that the wonderfully talented and amiable Natalie Champa Jennings was there to document the day. Below are just a few of her beautiful photographs . . .

Congratulations, L&N! Thank you for including me in your awesome celebration!


  1. Wow! you're like a truffle dog!!! sniffing out those local flowers. Bravo!!!

  2. There was one nonlocal flower--you, Jaime--who generously took time away from the California wedding season to bestow her artistry and pizzazz on a Minnesota wedding. Thank you for celebrating and decorating a lovely wedding for L & N.

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  4. Jaime!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful flowers for our wedding. We heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone in attendance. We recently ordered a photo album from iPhoto and one of the pics we chose for a full page was a close-up of Laura's bouquet... We will be remembering it fondly for the rest of our lives!

    -N (of L & N)

  5. Hi Shelley! I would love to do more weddings in Mionnesota and get a better feel for all the amazing sources of local flowers there! It takes to track them down, but getting to know the growers is so much fun!

    A- Wow, thank you! The pleasure was all mine!

    N- I am so glad to hear it!! I loved seeing all of Natalie's beautiful photos. She did such a wonderful job capturing your lovely celebration. Thank you again for including me! xxoo