March 5, 2012

Where Are My Manners?

Please allow me to introduce the newest member of The Monkey Flower Group team, the Ford Transit Connect! He actually joined way back in September, so I must apologize for the horrible delay in making acquaintances. My only excuse is that we were such a good fit for each other from the very first delivery, that I quickly forgot that we have not been together always! I am totally smitten with this little truck, which is easy and comfortable to drive, fabulously fuel efficient for cargo its capacity, and cute to boot. If you see us around town, be sure to wave hello!


  1. How fabulous is the monkeyflowergroup van?!! Loving all the matching monkey branding.

    If I ever had justifiable need for a van, you know what I would choose, money no object? A Landrover Defender in gunmetal grey. Swoon. As English as your Ford is American.

  2. I've been WAITING for this introduction!!! Ford sent a rep out to demo this truck, but, alas, I stuck with the Element. Your logo looks GREAT!!!

  3. Look at you, all official Jaime! Congratulations! And Shelley, I love your Element and covet it a little bit. Also have been meaning to tell you that the photo of Violet the bunny lounging on the heat vent absolutely melted me. Best wishes to you both for a fabulous day. Jill

  4. Sweeeet! If I saw you about town I'd chase you down and we'd have a big ole face to face.

    Enough excitement from here, Carry on:-)

    xo Jane

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone : )

    Belinda, I saw a rugged Landrover today and thought of you and how sweet it would look with your beautiful umbrell motif across the side . . .

    Shelly, if I had to deal with the same elements you do in Cambridge, I'd probably opt for an Element, too!