February 26, 2012

Getting Closer

Even at the height of Northern California's growing season, it doesn't get much more local than these arrangements of daffodils from Napa and arum lily leaves, snowdrops, and tulips from Petaluma; sure proof that Spring is here. :)


  1. aahhhhh, Spring! Thank you California! xxx

  2. I thought you can not mix daffodils with other flowers. Is there a secret?

  3. B- Glad I could help! It is the Californian's duty to spread the early Spring : ).

    A- I've heard that too, but haven't had any problems. Still, I always take care to "open" the daffodils in their own vase, then change the water before adding anything else (so any sap which may have leaked from the stems is flushed out). Some people say you should add a drop of bleach during this process, but I'm not sure why. I'd love to hear anyone else thoughts or experiences on the subject!