December 13, 2011

All Local, All the Time!

A whole lotta holiday is going on here at The Monkey Flower Group, including these wintry arrangements of redwood, magnolia, and lilies from Petaluma, Queen Anne's lace and snapdragons from Salinas, narcissus from Pescadero, tulips from Arcata, and live oak from Napa. I feel so lucky to have access to such beautiful local materials, even at this time of year! And wait 'til you see the roses Fallon and I found last week . . . but that's a whole different post. Anyways . . .

I know I've discussed the classic California ambiance and unparalleled views at Silverado Vineyards, but have I mentioned Barbara Sawchuk, Events Manager Extraordinaire? HERE is an extremely classy and kind woman who truly cares about her work and takes pride in orchestrating finely detailed and personal celebrations. If you're looking for a gorgeous venue for a birthday, engagement dinner, or anniversary party, and a talented and friendly person to help coordinate it, I highly recommend you check her out!


  1. You are never allowed to leave California again. Nope, never.