December 15, 2011

Fallon's December Roses

These roses are not from another hemisphere, or even a hot house. They're not from the archives of summer either. Nope, less than a couple weeks ago, when Fallon and I had planned to meet at her studio at Garden Valley Ranch to make some holiday wreaths, we found these lovely gems toughing it out in the fields. (Be warned, December brides, this is not normal!)

So naturally, we had to do something with them.  Fallon made this smashing arrangement including a sophisticated combination of many flowers and botanical textures (above). I, however, totally lost my cool and went all rose centric on it (below). Only a few hellebores and honeysuckle vines succeeded in gaining a spot among the roses. Still, the effect was not bad, especially for December! Thank you, Fallon and Garden Valley Ranch, for the Christmas magic!


  1. That is quite something in December. Until a couple of weeks ago it was so mild here, roses were still blooming. I still have roses in bud in the garden but this morning it is snowing :( Might pop a pic on my blog today. Not sure I've ever seen buds, blooms and snow on my roses at the same time!xxx

  2. What a December. Mine finally froze Tuesday night. Still a iris or two about. Much preferred to snow at least by me.

    Beautiful arrangements, and love that amber vase.

    xo jane

  3. My roses freeze dried last week, but in Roxbury, where one rosebush gets sun all day, the flowers are still fat and red! Another fifty degree day today as well.
    Roses with the hellebore! Love that.

  4. Wow! It sounds like the whole world has been having wacky weather! Perhaps roses in December are one small perk of global warming . . .