December 18, 2010

Farm to Bench

Last week I got the grand tour of Neve Roses II, a magical place just west of Petaluma (not far from my godmother's place) specializing in growing roses, tulips, lilies, carnations (the big, fluffy, classic kind), gerberas, sunflowers, hydrangeas, larkspur, dahlias, lots of field annuals, and . . . . well, needless to say, I am excited.

Outside it was a cool 30ish degrees, but inside one of the heated greenhouses an employee had left her coat to hang with the passion vines as she worked among the gerberas (above).

And even in this season of short days and corresponding low production, I was able to snag a large bunch of beautiful peach spray roses for an upcoming delivery (above). Two hours later they were on my bench, their freshness making itself know in lush, rustling foliage and glowing petals (below). Next up, the arrangement!

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