December 6, 2010

A Couple Classy Affairs

 If I were betting about this blogging thing, I would have announced the two classy little holiday events I attended this week before they happened. But better late than never. The first was thrown by Tulocay & Co at their beautiful culinary center in Napa. The second, pictured here, was a lovely al fresco affair hosted by my neighbors over at Wooden Valley Winery. Both featured excellent wine, yummy food, and many local artisans. I was especially happy to meet Natalie from La Saison (I've had a vendor crush on her and her husband's seasonally focused catering business since this summer when I was a couple booths down from them at the farmers' market, but never had a chance to stop by), and Jen from Magpies (an awesome baker and caterer out of Fairfield who designs each week's menu based on the offerings of local farmers).
One of the best things about these events in they forced me to get my packaging together. Pictured above are some acorn ornaments in my new recycled kraft and paperboard boxes, filled out with recycled tissue paper shreds.
Thanks to everyone who made it out! It was great to meet you!


  1. I can now say, from first hand experience that your packaging rocks!! And trying to sort it out for my business, I know there is a lot to it! I am trying to decide between craft or cream recycled boxes for my jewellery and having a huge dither!! Your cards are so elegant, v impressed!

  2. Just recieved two beautiful wreaths ordered from The Monkey Flower Group. Absolutely LOVE them!!!! It was great to have you share the evening with us at Wooden Valley.
    Thanks for being there:)

  3. Looks like a fabulous time, and your creations are so beautifully presented.. as always!