October 22, 2010

What a Week: Part 4 of 6

Last Friday at Mumm Napa, the Napa Valley Arts Council celebrated the debut of its portraiture photography exhibit and a month-long arts festival. About 600 patrons of the arts strolled about Mumm's beautiful terrace and galleries, enjoying sparkling wine, live jazz, and delicate little champagne cupcakes from Sift. Petaluma's amazing Aztec Dahlias donated three brimming buckets of gorgeous dahlias in sunset tones; I provided the design and a few more flowers. After setting arrangements all about Mumm's lovely grounds, I took a table on the terrace next to the nice gals from Sift and spent to evening chatting with guests.


  1. You are getting sooo busy! Woo hoo!! Feeling very pleased about this as I sip a glass of wine of a Friday evening, and distinctly proud of your achievements...which is curious since I have never met you and live the other side of the world, but there it is. Embarrassing.

  2. Beautiful combination with those amazing dahlias and the coral pink flowers and sprigs of little yellow- is that parsley? I love parsley and fennel flowers!

  3. Belinda, should I be embarrassed that I'm very pleased you're pleased? I don't think so- you've been one of my most consistent sources of encouragement, even if we never have met and live on opposite sides of the world! that's the wonder of this internet thing.

    Sepal and twig, thank you! The yellow guys are indeed fennel. I'm you approve- they were smelling a bit spicy when I first arranged them, and I was afraid they would be shunned as offensive. But after I stopped jostling them they were fine. Whew!