October 6, 2010

Halloween Pre-Order Time!

If you're anything like me, you've had your dream Halloween costume planned  for about eight months by now.

BUT, if you're still searching for that special get-up for this wonderful holiday, why not consider The Monkey Flower Group's unique masks, wands, and (bracelet/headband/necklace) ribbons? Hand-sewn from local botanical materials, these fun but sophisticated accessories pair equally well with super-hero suits, magical fairy tutus, and slinky cocktail dresses.
Because of the perishable and heavily labor-intensive nature of these items, quantities are limited. Very limited. That's great news if you're someone who dislikes showing up in the same get-up as anyone else, but it also means they might be hard to get a hold of closer to the 31st . . .
So, to reserve your one-of-a-kind botanical accessories for the Halloween weekend, stop by the Saturday Napa Downtown Farmers' Market or send me an e-mail at info@TheMonkeyFlowerGroup.com (we'll discuss the details then, including pick-up, delivery, and color palette options).

By doing so by October 25th, you'll also enjoy these Pre-Order savings:

Pre-Ordered Masks: $25 (regularly $30)
Pre-Ordered Wands: $12 (regularly $15)
Pre-Ordered Ribbons: $5 (regularly $12)
Pre-Ordered Matching Sets of Mask, Wand, and Ribbon: $40 (regularly $57; greatest value, hands down)

Orders for over $80 will be available for shipping within the continental US (wish I could ship to England!), but please place your request two weeks prior to your desired delivery date to allow me time to investigate your state and county's specific plant quarantine regulations.

Thank you, and happy Halloween planning!


  1. Bloody quarantine wotnot!

    These should get into the US press for sure. More importantly perhaps, make wearers feel gorgeous for the celebrations. Sadly the festivities are somewhat charmless and slightly scary over here, much more fun and stylish your side of the pond. x

  2. Ah yes, quarantines. Even the slightest possibility of releasing some terrible scourge upon your island ecosystem prevents me from even thinking of sending off anything green. Guess you'll just have to bring the kids to California for a proper Halloween celebration ( though I warn you, it's not always charming here, either. : )! In the meantime, I'm working on those note cards . . .

  3. If there is any quarantine laws pertaining to botanical notecards I shall write to Obama myself!
    Please put my name down for them when they come off the production line. Any chance of wintery ones that could be used for Christmas cards? x

  4. Hi! Sorry for the delayed response . . . it's a busy weekend, soon to be followed by a busy week!

    Definitely I will keep holiday cards in mind as I put together my photos. Good idea! Since you're my only known potential card customer yet, I'd love your feedback on a few details . . . Anyone else who might be interested, please feel free to pipe in as well!

    Do you prefer 3.5"x5", 4"x6", 5"x7", or some other size?

    Folded or flat?

    Close-up shots or 'full format' shots?

    Yeah or nay to shots of gals holding bouquets?

    And finally, does it feel like a blessing or a curse to be such a valued audience? ; )

  5. Gosh, a focus group, how very exciting!!

    I think the different sizes are useful for different things - small is good for thankyou notes etc when I might feel a big card was a bit much, and flat is good for the same reason - not overdoing it.

    For events, Christmas, birthdays etc folded and larger is best for me. Being a cheapskate, if the largest size is quite a bit more expensive, the medium size would be fine! I like the idea of sending cards that are in step with the actual season if you see what I mean? Like sending a card now with dahlias or autumnal foliage etc, not tulips!!

    I love close up shots, def think you should shoot some, but some of your arrangements need to be seen in full format don't you think - like the pale one infront of the window or the peachy one a few posts back?

    Your tugboat friend is a beautiful model, but for me, I'm not so keen on the idea of gals in the pics, although i am ready to be wrong on that one!

    Gosh it's all so subjective, another person might say the exact opposite! Hope that's helpful.x

  6. Just seen cards on abbytryagainprintshop site and the girls holding flowers etc do look quite cool, so maybe I was wrong about that. Might be interesting site for you to see? xx ps glad business so busy!

  7. Oy, I just saw your first comment when I went to read your most recent one. My apologies! It's been a bit wild here : ).

    Thank you so much for your input on the cards! All very good suggestions that I will be taking into account this next week. I've decided to go the low-tech route for printing (mounting photos on cards rather than having them printed up) until I get a feel for what I and other people like.

    Thank you also for the abbytryagain suggestion! Very cool stuff. I will be indulging in some perusing this weekend. : )