May 12, 2010

One Man's Weed . . .

It's now the height of lily of the valley season here in Vermont and the delicate looking little powerhouses are letting loose all over town in the most unfavorable of places. In fact, I am learning that they are so good at invading unclaimed (or claimed) corners of soil that many gardeners here consider this romantic bridal classic to be the most loathsome of tenacious weeds.  Some are not even aware of their amazing scent (!!!).

I am shocked, but not surprised. I grew up feeling the same way about oleanders- California's indestructible highway plant of choice- and never understanding how my grandma (who grew up in Alaska) could love them so. It is only after spending several years away from home that I am acquiring a fresh eye (and perhaps some nostalgia) for their sunny beauty.

Anyways, back to the lilies. Here they are with variegated hosta, white lilac, and a bit of that wild grape vine.

Another interesting and important note: both oleander and lily of the valley are poisonous. Please use caution!

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