May 18, 2010

Green Mountain Stephanotis

Grandma June, what I am about to say may shock and appall you. Last week, by my own free will, I wired 100 individual Solomon's seal blossoms, stephanotis style. Why? Sometimes my hands get itchy to do some really fine work, and the tubular, waxy, little flowers of this indigenous beauty (below) were just too perfect to pass up.
 After preparing 100 individual blossoms (the old-school wire and paraffin tape way, without stephanotis picks) I assembled them in a spiraled dome (below).
Then I added a cuff of wild ginger leaves from the garden, and be-ribboned the "stems" (below).
The finished nosegay held up beautifully, covered in the refrigerator and without water, for five days.


  1. SPEECHLESS!!!!!! How do you do it?? I wish The Monkey Flower Group was in the UK and offering courses!! Just beyond words, I'm in awe. Belinda x

  2. Thank you, Belinda!! You've made my day, maybe week! I really appreciate your kind words.

    And I, too, wish The Monkey Flower Group was in the UK, especially after seeing the photos of your area's lovely cowparsley-lined footpaths!