May 26, 2015

A textural April Hopland wedding

We really love working at Campovida up in Hopland. Aside from the beautiful gardens and natural surroundings, it's the kind of place that just seems to attract really nice, cool people, like P&R. For their wedding, they wanted lots of texture and some good garden-y flowers, and of course we loved obliging with cottoneaster, perennial sweet peas, bearded iris, teasel thistle, borage, rosemary, and oak from Napa, clematis from Healdsburg, chocolate lace from Watsonville, and scabiosa from Half Moon Bay. Congratulations, P&R! It was a pleasure to be apart of your celebration!


  1. Thank you, Shelley! PS Your blog post about using Blogger like a giant Instagram inspired me to get back to work on here. Thank you again! : )