March 25, 2013

Gardeny goodness

This is our garden's best time of year, and I've been picking from it a lot, especially for smaller orders like these. Included here are pieris, daffodils, sharon fern, hellebores, maple, and clematis from Napa (us : ), carnations and alstroemeria from Watsonville (two of my favorite floral misfits), freesia and ranunculus from Pescadero, and parrot tulips, mustard, willow, and vetch from Petaluma.

These were taken west of Petaluma, near the coast . . .


  1. Really, just beautiful.
    Love your choice of "misfits"-
    Carnations are way overdue for a comeback, and the small, sturdy patch of peach alstroemeria in our SF backyard has been providing random house flowers since the early 1990's.

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