September 20, 2012

Newsflash: Local Carnations Are Back!

Those of you who know me or follow this blog may be familiar with my obsession with the carnation's beautiful, spicy scent and old fashioned charm (gushingly discussed here). So when Neve Roses in Petaluma put their carnation program (above) on permanent hiatus, I was heartbroken and desperate to find a new local source. Finally, after months of searching and the help of many kind informants at the flower market, we've found one within 200 miles! 

So for those of you who'd like to enjoy a good carnation fix before the winter slow-down, this week's offering of bouquets at Dean & Deluca in St. Helena will feature some, along with another garden flower people seem to love to hate, alstroemeria (below, in an arrangement and solo). If you're upvalley this week, please stop by to grab a bouquet and show your support for these unjustly shunned beauties! 

I'll post a photo on Facebook once I've delivered them in a few hours. : )


  1. I love carnations--I love any flower with fragrance! I'm less impressed with alstroemeria, but I wouldn't say I hate them.

  2. Well, not hating them is better than the norm! And that you love carnations is a great sign! We'll see if we can bring you 'round, yet :)