April 11, 2010

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

We're lucky to live in an apartment previously occupied by a professional landscaper, who stocked the garden well with awesome flowering trees and perennials. Just keeping the back yard from reverting to a thicket keeps me pretty busy, which is how I missed this star magnolia hiding on the front bank under a tangle of weeds (above).

When it comes to magnolias, I share the sentiment expressed by England's beloved horticulturalist Christopher Lloyd  in this observation:
"Magnolias bud up in autumn and give you plenty of opportunity for gloating anticipation. Pride comes before a fall, but then we all know that and allow for it and gloat just the same. My buds on my magnolia; yummy, yummy, yummy."
So, in an attempt to make up some valuable lost gloating time, I brought in a few blossoms to be enjoyed up close (below).

Thanks, landscaper guy!

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