February 11, 2010

Flours in the Kitchen

This weekend promises plenty of flower photo opportunities. But until then, flour photos will carry the show. Ben's been using 100% whole wheat flour and a recipe from the book by Mr. and Mrs. Dworkin (above), a relic of my Mom's homesteading days in Oregon, to bake some amazing bread (below).


Meanwhile, I've been using white flour and the amazing duo of sugar and butter to bake up some heart and lovebird cookies (below), which I shipped down to Boston to power the lovely Newbury Street  Girls at Winston Flowers through their hectic St. Valentine's Day weekend.


Best of luck! I'm sending happy thoughts, too.


  1. Those look so lovely! I especially like the glow of morning light on your hearts and lovebirds.

  2. Why thank you! I must say I was quite pleased with them, though they pale in comparison to TNO's creations.