January 29, 2010

Decorative Foliage


I'm a big fan of Maurice Pillard Verneuil (1869-1942),  whose 1908 treatise, L'Etude de la plante et ses applications aux industries d'art, demonstrated the vast potential of "common" plants to inspire rich and original motifs suitable for nearly every medium of the decorative arts.

Here's William Wheeler, commenting on Verneuil (and cyclamens) in his book, Decorative Flowers:
"As a faithful observer of European flora, the artist could not overlook the cyclamen, which grows in cool underwoods. Every element of this plant is decorative, beginning with the foliage."
I followed suit and placed the focus on these beautifully patterned, heart-shaped leaves in some refreshingly simple and unusual boutonnieres (above) and bouquets (below).

Foliage arrangements are an excellent choice for individuals looking to convey a more subdued, tailored, or somewhat less feminine aesthetic at their wedding, commitment ceremony, or event.

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