November 2, 2012

A Textural Green And White Wedding

L&E both work in Las Vegas's high end hospitality industry, where they see a lot of very beautiful, but often very severe, floral designs. So for their wedding celebration they wanted something totally different - a combination of organic textures and natural, wildflowery blooms including echiveria and lichen from Napa, dusty miller, sedum, kale, dahlias, and scabiosa from Half Moon Bay, delphinium from Pescadero, and eucalyptus from North Bay. L's bouquet was especially textural, providing a fun contrast to her elegant gown (sadly not captured by me).

Congratulations, L&E!


  1. Jaime, what is that mossy pod thingy in the first photo on the right? is it a euc flower without petals?
    I'd love to do a green wedding... almost had one, but they wanted a lot of white too.

  2. Hmm, do you mean the vertically oriented photo on the right? The featured element in that shot is a lichen covered stick. : )