June 28, 2011

Elegant SF Wedding Part 3 of 3: Go!

  . . . And last but not least, we headed down to San Francisco and up to The Fairmont, perched at the top of Nob Hill with spectacular views of the city and bridges all around. We delivered the flowers to the Pavilion Room via the loading dock and service elevators, but I later went back to take a peak at the guests' entrance, famous for its flags, marble, and gold detailing.

 I was especially impressed by the Cirque Room, apparently the first bar to open in San Francisco following Prohibition (seen below through it's brass gate entrance), which the wedding guests would pass on their way to the celebration. This gilded mural depicting a welcoming bride and groom seemed especially appropriate.
In the Pavilion Room, three walls of expansive windows, a multitude of candles, and a great, fanciful chandelier set the mood for an elegant and magical night of celebration.
Congratulations, D&J!


  1. I love the silver and white! and that view over the Bay makes me homesick. (I lived in Berkely a gazillion years ago for two years- my heart still goes pitter patter when I see the hills beyond the Bay).

  2. that view makes me want to visit SF even more that i already do

  3. What is the silver filagree filler called? Thanks.

  4. Shelley and Lotte- Yes, isn't that view dreamy! I hope you'll both make the trip to SF someday soon. It is such a wonderful city! I wish I got down there more often than I do!

    A- The silver foliage is dusty miller, and there seem to be two varieties commercially available. One has a broader, more solid shaped leaf, the other (seen here) is deeply lobed, or lacier. My grower refers to it as the "cut" leaf variety. Hope that helps!