June 22, 2011

Elegant SF Wedding Part 1 of 3: Get Ready

I spent the better part of last week moving buckets and buckets of gorgeous flowers back and forth between various levels of relative coolness and warmth, coaxing the buds into just the right stage of openness for Sunday's elegant wedding in San Francisco. By Saturday I had assembled and opened one of the most fragrant ensembles imaginable for this time of year: carnations from Petaluma, peonies (hundreds of them!!) from Oregon, freesia from Watsonville, stock from Pacifica, garden roses from Petaluma, and gardenias and sweet peas from Napa. Can you imagine? Upon coming inside from the studio, Ben noted that I "smelled like flowers", which I think makes up for those days in Vermont when I came home smelling like something else : ). Up next, "Get Set" . . .


  1. Ah, Jaime! And here I am in Somerville trying to LOOK like everything's local.. I'm just smitten by your local flowers. Everything you've made is just pretty, pretty, pretty! Looking forward to parts two and three!

  2. Thanks, Shelley! I know I get pretty darn spoiled with the local stuff here!