June 2, 2011

And An Elevated Vase . . .

  . . .  Filled with a few (almost criminally random) flowers I had in the studio. This vase is in the running to serve in a wedding at the end of the summer (so still plenty of time to find the perfect one). The reflection from the blue tabletop made the glass look tinted; the last photo shows its color (or lack thereof) more truly.


  1. Dreamy. Love the mix, and the addition of the little pink flowers and spray of teeny buds in the middle.I'm trying to work out what they are...?

    It adds something, the blue reflection in the glass. Just lovely. Again!

  2. PS. You don't mind if I borrow MFG yet again on a hand-made inspiration kinda post I am writing? x

  3. When you have saponaria and garden roses and sweetpeas it's not criminal, it's abundunza.

    xo jane

  4. Is that The Prince from Garden Valley? Just ordered my first batch of the season from them for this week's wedding. That container is perfect!!!!

  5. Belinda- Yay! The tiny sprays of buds I think you're referring to are California buckeye. So pretty, huh? My Mother hates the trees (which are very abundant around here) because they are the first to turn (ungracefully) in the fall, but they are also the first to leaf out and give us these amazing flower spikes! I love them.

    The little pink flower is like Jane says, Saponaria. I'm pretty sure this type is S. Vaccaria (Cow Cockle)- totally delicate, awesome in the vase, and as I understand a horrendously invasive weed in Canada. It might make a good "filler flower" candidate?

    And please do feel free to include The MFG in any post! Obviously I would be totally honored!!!

    Jane and L&B- Yes, I suppose you're right, despite so many tiny little competing flowers, and then the burgundy AND cream ("beige", as my grower-wholesaler called them with some hint of disgust) roses together, right close like that?? It seemed so stark. But one should not show even a hint of a complaint when sweet peas and garden roses are involved. Schooled.

    Shelly- From Garden Valley, yes, but this one is William Shakespeare. Fallon gave my two blown open blooms with my last order to "play with"- a very effective marketing strategy, as I will definitely be getting some more now.

    I can't wait to see your wedding featuring The Prince!!