February 27, 2010

An Old New-Fashioned Flower



Last weekend I was thrilled to have the opportunity to design for Stray Cat Flower Farm, one of Burlington, Vermont's favorite sources for local, sustainably grown flowers. Very soon, the wonderful Stray Cat folks will be harvesting armloads of gorgeous blooms from their greenhouses on Intervale Road. Until then, though, they are supplementing with some imported materials, such as- you guessed it- carnations. As mentioned before, carnations have made a come-back in a big way, especially in designs with a more modern feel. I interpreted this well-established trend in a bridal bouquet (above), cocktail table arrangements (below), and some boutonnieres (bottom).



  1. Jaime love!

    I was at Pike Place Market yesterday, and there were armloads of tulips and daffodils everywhere! I took lots of pictures and thought of you.

  2. we are always such a fan of carnations! at first we thought it was cultural (being hispanic) because they are stil the go-to flower for *love* bouquets, little hand tied pretties. Then we realized it just because they are awesome. :)